RegCure is able to remove all types of registry database conflictions as well as spyware including viruses and trojans. Unlike any other type of registry cleaning systems, RegCure is capable of blocking viruses in real-time. There is also an easy-to-use custom interface which makes RegCure much what effective and easy to use when dealing with any types of spyware. The interface is very modern and does not distract the user form any of the most convenient and important elements. On the left-hand side, the user can find a variety of simple buttons which describe the main menus. By clicking on the main option tabs, the innermost options are revealed to the user, thereby not resulting in the interface looking much clustered. After installation, RegCure runs a quick scan of the computer searching for any types of viruses or other threats that might exist. All results are displayed in a neat results tab.

There is also an advanced update feature which provides for intelligent spiders fighting capabilities. RegCure is adapted great new technology to fight even the most advanced and complex spywares. RegCure provides a variety of facilities such as automatic updation, popup blocker, scheduled scans, real-time protection and also protection against various viruses, spyware and adware.

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RegCure features

Spyware updates: RegCure comes equipped with an automatic update feature thereby saving the user the hassle of actually having to manually download all the latest updates.

Full System Scan: A complete and thorough system scan is vital to the wellbeing of the PC. RegCure provides a comprehensive and customizable full system scan option.

Guard feature: An automatic Guard feature is also provided which helps to prevent any infection of files on your computer.

Real-Time Protection: RegCure allows the user to know exactly what is going on and helps protecting the hard disk of various types of corruptions that could arise due to any spyware that might even be present on a USB drive or obtained via the Internet.

Simple to Use: RegCure has been designed keeping in mind the simplicity and level of customization that a user would require. Its non cluttered surface area makes it quite user-friendly.

Highly Awarded: RegCure has been featured in a variety of magazines and is also recommended as one of the top antivirus systems scanners in the world.

RegCure offers

RegCure offers a variety of protection services from different types of spyware and malicious software as well as undetectable registry files.. Unlike various other antivirus systems than merely claim to detect all viruses, RegCure actually gets the job done. It also provides real-time protection and does a very good job of the protecting a system right from the time it boots up.

There is also a very easy-to-use settings panel which is clear and can thus be used by a professional or even an amateur. The automatic scanning features as well as updating provide a complete 24 protection to the computer. The latest version of RegCure has been designed to help the consumer with more efficiency, even allowing the computer to run much faster. One of the most annoying factors about any type of spyware that is located on the computer is that it usually tends to slow down Internet connections and at the same time randomly throw up various pop-ups. RegCure efficiently gets rid of all types of worms, malware, dialers, hijackers, rogue antispyware, unwanted toolbars, unwanted browser plug-ins, botnets, keyloggers or any other related issues that might affect the computer security and speed.