the Best Registry Cleaner for your PC – 7 Features to look out for

article by Julius Ozoh

original Microsoft PC comes with a registry cleaner or manager. However, it stops after the 98 windows version. Tools and tips to modify the registry to optimize the Windows PC are easily supplied by Microsoft with their textbooks. Editing the registry requires any amount of computer expertise. Average use of windows knows delicate and dangerous is editing the Windows registry. It is advisable to get third party software to manage the growing database of the registry

Countless numbers of these recording software abounds on the Internet. Here are six tips and features to look for when choosing a registry cleaner on your Windows PC

Startup Manager :. Ensure that your registry cleaner is a utility to easily manage startup applications are launched at system startup, monitoring and control of their ease of use and redundancy History Cleaner :. this function must be present to remove all traces of your Internet activity and protects sensitive information while improving the performance of your computer System Optimizer. : this utility ensures that your Windows system is effectively optimize and it uses the IE restorer and tweaker memory to speed up the Windows Installer / Uninstaller Manager :. this function is one for any registry cleaner that easily monitor and manage the programs installed or flush out the remaining registry keys. redundant and junk file manager . Attention to this feature in your recording software. he is responsible for scanning and cleaning of unnecessary files from your system to provide more free space on your hard drive makes your software and applications run faster and more efficiently. Block ActiveX . With heavy graphics and video integrated with most software today, your registry cleaner should have this utility to manage ActiveX controls on your Windows PC by blocking malicious controls. Utilities Error . these utilities are in various fields, they are designed to analyze and correct the mistakes of Windows, back up your Windows system to crash and fixing blue screen problem. Briefly

your registry cleaner when running in real time must be able to detect the outdated drivers, redundant files from spyware and viruses, corrupted or updated hardware changes, software installation corrupt Uninstalling and newspapers, including starting applications that are outdated that â € ~ unbootable up € ™.

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