Registry Easy is one of the dozens or maybe hundreds of Windows registry cleaning programs out there. It is an award winning software, which places it in a special category. It has a high reputation and keeps gaining popularity. but does it really work? Or is it just another self called super program?


According to the most popular download web sites, Registry Easy has been downloaded for more than 4 million times, from over 100 countries. what does it claim to do? Well, this is not too special. It claims to improve your computer speed and optimize your registries in the most efficient way. This is what every registry cleaner claims in the multitude of ads and commercials you find while browsing the Internet.


Registry Easy has a few extra features. They are not unique and they can be found at other such programs too, but never all together. aside from the general backup before scanning, Registry Easy performs deep and full scans and easily repairs all the corrupted files or registry errors.

It also has an option that disabled various programs and removes them. as a Windows user, such problems are very popular. You know you want to get rid of a software, but you just can’t uninstall or delete it. Therefore, it optimizes your system and tweaks your memory to ensure a faster speed.

What makes Registry Easy really special is its ability to “touch” your Internet experience too. Registry Easy easily determines what plugins your browser don’t use and disables them. You can always enable them later, if you need them. You will notice an improvement in the speed of your browsers.

User experience

Registry Easy obviously claims to be easy to use. and that is completely wrong. the interface is very user friendly and easy to understand. as a beginner, you don’t need rocket science to understand the options. They are written in easy words, without any jargon or technical terms.

You also have an useful help file that also includes a list of frequently asked questions. If you still encounter problems, the customer service is always there for you. the great advantage of the customer service is their speed. They reply back within hours, therefore they understand the classic concept that the client is what feeds them. definitely another plus.

Is Registry Easy worth your money?

Well, only you can answer this one. It is definitely one of the best registry cleaners on the market. however, if you open your computer once or twice a month to check out the weather forecast or read a monthly magazine, then you don’t really need such a software, but something lighter or even free.

Anyway, in order to test it, you don’t have to pay anything. You have a free trial period in which you can test each of its features. If you notice your computer actually needs it and you constantly have registries to repair, then you should purchase it. Simple like that, you can easily determine if it is the right program for you or not.