Individuals seeking to improve their computer’s speed and performance may seek a registry cleaner or a registry optimizer. These products are designed to remove, repair, or relocate files to improve the speed of a computer. Registry cleaners are effective tools, but may also prove to be harmful if an essential file is removed accidentally. therefore, users must select a program that will accurately identify erroneous programs and remove only unnecessary or corrupt files. Removal of essential files may cause program errors and delay computer users from completing time sensitive tasks.

Many computer users trust Microsoft products, because Microsoft is a common household name that has historically provided users with quality products. some users request Microsoft developed Windows registry cleaners as a result. Microsoft offers a number of ways to optimize the computer’s performance and also improve its speed. OneCare is a Windows registry cleaner that offers consumers the basic functions to its customers. The product is award winning. Accolades were received from ICSA Labs, CheckMark, and Virus Bulletin. The product was trusted and offered to users of Windows 7. Recently, the product was discontinued and is no longer available for sale. those individuals who desire the product and possess a copy of Windows 7 can simply press the restore button to retrieve a copy of the program. other users may have to rely on updated versions of the program to achieve access to the product.

Newer versions of Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista possess Windows registry cleaners and optimizers for consumer use. Customers who desire access may check the Microsoft Website for instructions on how to access the Windows registry cleaner that comes standard with a Windows operating system. Experts recommend running the Windows registry cleaner and Window disk defragmenter once per week. Each week the program should scan for the following items:

Microsoft registry cleaners will also reorganize and clean the stored page history in a web browser each week. Excess files in the web browser’s history many affect the computer’s performance. The Windows registry cleaner alleviates this problem by removing the files. Encrypted web pages may also slow the computer’s performance. Microsoft advises computer users on how to remove these files to optimize the computer’s performance.

Microsoft is constantly updating its products and providing upgrades to users. Each computer user should visit Microsoft’s website to download any updates that may be available for the computer’s operating system. Update downloads may also offer enhancements that may improve a computer’s performance. Check the website periodically for updates to ensure that the computer has each of the necessary components to operate at its maximum speed.

Computer users who would like a third party registry cleaner may find several that are compatible with the Windows operating system. Users may also consider these products if the updates provided on the website are not sufficient.