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Security and stability are not just passing concerns, achieving these within an operating system is a money and time saver. the engineers at MAGIX realized that having even in a maintenance program will eventually save computer users headaches and cash in the long run . with this in mind they developed the PC Check & Tuning line in order to provide users a line of defense and support that is not offered with their operating systems. To make this decision for computer user more attractive,MAGIX is offering a free version of this program with all the important functions included. with a free registry cleaner, a free advanced defragmenter, and more, every function is aimed at speeding up a home computer and boosting its every function.

Often consumers discard their PCs due to slow performance or operating system failures, believing that it is their hardware that is at fault when it often isn’t. In fact, many PCs slow down by 30% in only their first three months of use.

Everyday use of home computers can lead to hard drive fragmentation, unintentional software installation, file and media duplication (photos, music, documents), as well as unwanted software installed with the initial purchase of a home computer (commonly referred to as “bloat ware”). These problems, along with many others can slow down the operation and reliability of a user’s computer. Resolving these issues with a single button press is what MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 free does best.

“Don’t throw those old laptops and desktops out, with this program you can return them to their optimum operating levels,” said Lars Janzik Vice President Product & Strategy at MAGIX. “In tests, we have seen MAGIX PC Check & Tuning returns computers to at least 98.5% of their original operating speed. It’s like getting a new computer all over again.”

Simplicity is best, so with a single button click users are able to analyze their operating system’s file structure, discover out-of-date drivers and programs, and correct systemic issues with both devices and software. Live system monitoring allows for the automatic updates to both drivers and software. Older and more heavily used PCs can benefit from this service as much, or more, than new computers.

In the paid version MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011, the program guarantees high-speed performance and the reduction of power consumption your system uses. this can be particularly advantageous for maximizing a laptop’s battery life, or returning your PC to its original operating speed and performance. with a single license you can install it on three separate PCs to optimize performance. with advanced data shredding, sensitive documents are more secure, and when users need more power, they can select High-speed mode.

It’s a complete PC tool kit for cleaning up and optimizing any PC.

Features in the Free Version

Improved GUI design System analysis with quick fix tips Automatic system start-up optimization – including manual selection of processes to deactivate Secure Data removal tool – data in recycle bin is deleted more thoroughly along with temp files created through passive browsing Swapfile – virtual RAM optimization Automatic Driver update Optimize Widows Services Registry cleaner – some installs leave registration values that slow down the operation of your computer even after they have been uninstalled Hard drive and registry defragmentation tools – Reduce volume sizes, makes accessing information faster. Software updates – will let users know if a new version is available

Included: PC Check Live Accessible from program tray

24/7 system monitoring – pop ups notify the user if there is an issue that requires their attention Automatic hard disk cleaning Direct access to process manager – detect and close CPU – intensive applications

Paid version includes these premium functions ($39.99 US/CAN)

High-speed mode Power saving scheme Data manager (to locate memory hogs) Data shredder (to delete files securely permanently) Netbook tuning Change context menu entries and file assignments Backup & restore features for individual files/folders or complete partitions/drives including complete system recovery Scan & tuning history

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP | Vista® | 7 Hardware:    – CPU min. Intel® Pentium® 400 MHz or similar

  • 256 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard drive space
  • CD/DVD drive

MAGIX is an internationally operating provider of software, online services and digital content for using multimedia products and services for personal and business communication, and is listed on the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange. MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically demanding and at the same time user-friendly offer range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites.

Measured by retail sales figures, MAGIX is the market leader in the field of multimedia software in Germany and in the most important European markets, and it also counts in the USA as one of the country’s most successful market participants. 15 years of market activity and more than a thousand awards worldwide are proof of the company’s innovative power.

15 years of MAGIX – 15 years of passion for innovation

MAGIX AG, Friedrichstr. 200, 10117 Berlin ISIN: DE0007220782 Regulated market in Frankfurt (Prime Standard)