Most of the Windows 7 users reported that this version of operating system is slower than Windows XP. sometimes, its not responding which means it freezes or hangs for longer intervals. However, the problems with Windows 7 can be fixed easily with little system maintenance activity.

To increase Windows 7 performance on you system follow these simple tips:

Ø Make sure that your computer fulfills the minimum system requirements for Windows 7. Not only operating system but also all programs and software products need minimum system requirement. You may refer a Readme file of particular product in this regard.if there is problem with CPU, RAM and Processor then Windows 7 may not be able to respond while performing high memory operations.

Ø low disk space is another issue causing Windows 7 to perform slower than normal. in this situation you have to free up some space by removing junk files as well as unnecessary programs installed on your computer which is very helpful to increase Windows 7 performance.

Ø Third biggest problem is corrupted system files. in order to bring Windows 7 back to normal working condition by restoring corrupted files to their original state, follow these steps:

a. Open CD-ROM and insert Windows 7 Installation CD/DVD.b. Boot your system using CD-ROM.c. Press Windows key + R.d. Type “sfc /scannow” without quotes. *there is space between sfc and /e. Follow the instructions.

Ø Windows registry is not maintained. in some cases users do not care about registry portion of operating system that is root cause of all the problems. Use a good registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.

Ø Update your drivers as outdated drivers may slow down your system. Increase Windows 7 performance by updating system drivers in the following way:

a. Right Click on My Computer Icon.b. Click on Properties.c. Go to Hardware.d. Click on Device Manager.e. here you can Right Click on particular device to update its drivers.f. Close window once done.

Ø Remove system junk using PC optimizer tool.

Above tips have helped many users to increase Windows 7 performance.

To Speed Up Windows7 clean its registry, defrag registry data and clean up system junk with recommend Intel Software Partner, RegInOut.

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