{despite the fact that|even though} {it is not|it isn’t} slated to be as drastic an {update|replace} as Froyo, Android {version|model} 2.{3|three} aka Gingerbread {is still|continues to be} {worth|value} getting {thinking about|excited about} if {most effective|best} {because|as a result of} {it is|it’s} rumored to {bring|convey} {the primary|the first} humble tweaks to the Android {running|operating} {device|system} making it {suitable|appropriate} for {pills|tablets}u2026 {therefore|subsequently} {final|last} the lead {among|between} Android and iOS. {while|whilst} will Gingerbread {pass|move} {are living|live} {even though|despite the fact that} {it is|it’s} {still|nonetheless} unknown, {however|but} {there were|there have been} {a large number of|numerous} {tricks|hints} {in recent years|in recent times} that Android’s {free up|release} {may well be|might be} {drawing close|approaching} Adobe un{legitimate|respectable}ly {showed|confirmed} that it {used to be|was} coming {soon|quickly} and the HTC Nexus One {is supposed|is meant} to get an OTA {update|replace} to Gingerbread in {the following few|the next few} day, {in line with|according to} rumors. {however|nevertheless} {this is|that is} {the primary|the first} {we have|we now have} heard {legitimate|respectable} {confirmation|affirmation} from Google that Gingerbread’s {almost|virtually} {performed|done} a {up to date|recent} Twitpic {post|submit} {sent|despatched} from Google {mobile|cellular}s {legitimate|respectable} Twitter account {presentations|shows} a tray {stuffed with|full of} Android-{shaped|formed} gingerbread {men|males} being pulled from the oven. Coy, {but if|but when} {that is not|that isn’t} an {legitimate|respectable} announce{men|males}t that Gingerbread is baked, I {have no idea|do not know} {what is|what’s} {get ready|prepare} your handsets.