Even after making use of Windows XP on your PC, for very several months now, when you are about to compliment the system for its efficient work, if you’re affronted with a message prior to crashing along a blue screen – saying WIN32K.SYS Dilemma “page_fault_in_non_paged_area.”

You might be at your wit’s end. Whatever happened to the system which was working just now, as well as the next moment it really is with this message. you religiously log on to the Microsoft site only to locate their suggestions only confusing if not weird. they will tell you to get all your update. Believing that you might be in very good hands, you’ll follow their instructions, and updated, and the individual at the other end will suggest maybe renaming can support.

You take his suggestion by face value and rename it to WIN32k. Even this was a suggestion made by the support person who may well have thought that in the event you have a corrupted file, it’ll have the ability to mend with this renaming. When you try to do this, you’re the administrator and you’ll get a message that you might have no permission. Permission from whom?

Once more your turn to the support team of the Microsoft but now you are asked the product number on the pc and when this product number is typed, pop comes out yet another message – INVALID.

Now how will you Fix win32k.sys blue screen with registry cleaner?

A computer’s registry is a massive database, having quite a few choices, setting, and some of them function automatically. These options or settings can change as you work with the system. the more you use the system, the higher the possibility of settings being damaged in the system registry.

This kind of damage alone leads to blue screen and also the messages. you must now go for a software referred to as BSOD Registry cleaner which scans the computer’s errors in its entirety and matches files and settings to go with the settings and applications. Once more, if it identifies a damaged file or setting, or missing or corrupted file, it’ll present you a list of all damaged filesduly updated, besides repairing the errors.

Thus it really is apparent that if your computer is crashing you have to get a good software registry cleaner to Fix win32k.sys blue problems. you need to also note that the in case you leave the redundant files inside your registry it can also pop up the problem of blue screen. it is the job of Registry cleaners to discover out the junk files left over while uninstalling software or hardware. you must delete them. In the event you delete them immediately it can automatically Fix win32k.sys blue troubles.

Fixing win32k.sys blue screen is simple to do with registry cleaner. if you scan your personal computer it will detect the errors inside your registry and safely remove them.