Registry Cleaner LLC proud to announce its flagship product, Registry Cleaner Pro

Westchester, New York – November 16, 2011 – After years in development, the powerful PC optimizing tool Registry Cleaner Pro has finally been released. Westchester-based Registry Cleaner LLC recently placed the product on its website, where hundreds of users have already started to download it.

For those who are unaware, a registry cleaner speeds up a computer’s performance by eliminating hundreds (sometimes thousands) of unnecessary files in the area of your operating system called the Windows Registry.

However, those who use registry cleaners can expect more than just performance gains on their PC. Registry cleaners can also be used to remove malicious files, eliminate bugs from your system, and free up space on your hard drive. Essentially, a registry cleaner is one of those basic maintenance programs that every computer owner should regularly use to scan their system.

As expected, Registry Cleaner Pro has been released in two different versions. The first version is a free, simple, and effective registry cleaner. Meanwhile, the full, paid version of Registry Cleaner Pro includes plenty of other tools as well. It scans for malware, optimizes your memory, and eliminates clutter – among other things. It can drastically improve the speed of a slow PC and could extend the lifetime of an older computer by several years.

Another popular feature of Registry Cleaner Pro is its identity protection technology, which prevents criminals from exploiting the data on your computer. With internet crime and identify theft on the rise, it’s best to invest in a program like this sooner, rather than later.

With all of this functionality inside one program, you might think that Registry Cleaner Pro would be difficult to use. Fortunately, the team behind the program has put a special emphasis on usability, which has ultimately led to one of the cleanest, most attractive designs in the field.

“With Registry Cleaner Pro, we wanted the users to feel as comfortable as possible with the program – regardless of their skill level,” says CEO Scott Zuckerman. “Whether you’ve spent your life around computers or you’re just figuring things out today, our program is incredibly straightforward to use.”

While functionality and usability is nice, not everybody can afford a top-of-the-line computer program. Fortunately, Registry Cleaner Pro doesn’t force users to break the bank. In fact, priced at only $9.95, Registry Cleaner Pro is by far the most cost-effective product on the market. With such a low price, Registry Cleaner Pro’s initial sale numbers are leaving hundreds of competitors in the dust.

As a special bonus to its customers, Registry Cleaner Pro also comes with several other useful tools. The unnecessary file deletion program and similar optimization tools will drastically improve the performance of your PC, and will help to free up valuable system resources that will give users a much smoother experience overall.

How can Registry Cleaner LLC afford to do this? Zuckerman believes that it’s all about providing value to the consumer. “Since we’ve bundled several programs into one convenient package,” he says, “the actual retail value of Registry Cleaner Pro is much greater than its current price.”

Over time, every PC begins to slow down. No matter how regularly you clean your computer, there are some areas that you are bound to miss. Registry Cleaner Pro manages to find these hard-to-reach areas, which helps solidify its spot at the top of the computer optimization tool industry.

And, best of all, registry Cleaner Pro works on virtually any PC, and takes up only 14MB of space on your hard drive. It’s an effective way to bring new life out of an old PC, and an easy way to protect a brand new PC from all sorts of dangerous threats. In fact, Registry Cleaner Pro will likely be the only tool that you ever need to buy for your computer.

Scott Zuckerman agrees, and believes that users will see Registry Cleaner Pro as an investment into the health of their computer. “Instead of paying somebody to repair your computer, or buying a brand new PC for hundreds of dollars, you can simply pay $9.95 today and stop worrying about computer slowdowns and problems.”

If you’re not ready to dive into the full version of Registry Cleaner Pro just yet, then the free trial edition is currently available for download online. Easy, effective, and affordable, Registry Cleaner Pro is one of those programs that every computer user needs to have.