One of the main benefits of using a registry cleaner is the fact that it repairs damage to the Windows Registry. What does that mean? And how does registry damage occur? Today, we’re going to answer those questions.

User error

One of the main causes of registry damage is user error. Even advanced PC users can get into trouble when fiddling around with registry settings. Because the registry controls some of the most important settings on your computer, changing just one registry entry can have negative effects on your entire operating system. When users try to repair registry problems on their own, it can cause serious damage.

Using a bad (free) registry cleaner

Another leading cause of registry damage is the use of poorly designed registry cleaners. Often, these registry cleaners are free, and when people use them to fix their registry, they can erroneously delete certain important registry files.

Because the registry cleaner is poorly designed, it labels some harmless files as being problematic, and some problematic files as being safe. By deleting the wrong registry file, the registry cleaner can have a seriously negative impact on your PC’s performance, and may even prevent certain programs from starting up.

The impacts of registry damage

The Windows Registry has configuration data about every program on your computer. So, when it becomes damaged, it can negatively impact the performance of all your programs. In some cases, programs may refuse to start up, or display annoyingly vague error messages. In other cases, it can create holes in your system’s security that a virus can exploit.

Put simply, when damage occurs to your registry, it poses a serious risk to your entire system, and it’s important to fix this damage as soon as possible.  

How do I fix registry damage?

Fixing registry damage isn’t difficult, provided you have a good, high-quality registry cleaner. A good registry cleaner will fix the problems created by both user error and poor-quality registry cleaners in order to give your computer a performance boost.

A high-quality registry cleaner like Registry Cleaner Pro 2012 is able to recognize the difference between good and bad registry entries. It has a database filled with some of the world’s most common registry problems, and is able to use this data to troubleshoot problems on your PC. It can remove dangerous forms of malware like rootkits and comprehensively protects your PC in a number of different ways.

After performing a scan with a good registry cleaner, you can expect faster, smoother performance on your computer at all times. Your startup times could decrease and the time it takes to switch between applications may also be reduced.

Put simply, the performance benefits of a good registry cleaner are limitless. To unlock the potential within your PC, download Registry Cleaner Pro 2012 today!