Registry cleaners are a popular way to speed up your computer. But if you’re reading our blog on, then you probably already know all about the benefits of using a registry cleaner. Whether you have one installed on your computer or not, you may have wondered if there’s any downside to using a registry cleaner.

After all, many good things in life seem to have some hidden catch. You can go on a trip to Europe, but it’s expensive, or you can buy a new TV, but it uses a lot more energy than your old one. What’s the secret ‘catch’ behind registry cleaners?

Well, depending on the quality of the registry cleaner you buy, there are a few different problems that users could encounter. Here are some of the ‘catches’ to using a registry cleaner:

A free registry cleaner could install malware on your PC: Unfortunately on the internet, very few people give things away for free. Or if they do give it away for free, it’s either being shared illegally, or they want something in return. When you download a free registry cleaner, you may be opening up your PC to dangerous malware infections or other problems. Virus creators know that many people will want to download a free registry cleaner as opposed to paying for one, so they often advertise their program as a ‘free’ registry cleaner in order to lure people in.

A bad registry cleaner may not actually speed up your PC: Registry cleaners aren’t always effective, but that doesn’t mean that cleaning your registry is a bad idea. Instead, it comes down to the quality of the registry cleaner that you download. Poor quality registry cleaners will have only a minimal performance impact on your PC, while higher quality ones will noticeably improve your PC’s performance.

That’s it!

Other than those two downsides, there isn’t really a ‘catch’ to using a registry cleaner, especially if you choose a good one like Registry Cleaner Pro 2012. Registry cleaner are some of the safest and most effective PC optimization programs on the market today, and performing a scan on your computer can drastically increase your performance.