Registry cleaners are incredibly popular today. However, if you haven’t yet embraced the powerful PC optimization tool, then you’re not alone: to this day, the Windows Registries on thousands of computers are unprotected, unoptimized, and draining away your PC’s speed and performance.

If you’re one of those people who still haven’t purchased a good registry cleaner, then we’re going to convince you why you should do so immediately. Here are just a few reasons why registry cleaners are so popular among PC users.

3) Faster performance

Serious computer users know that they need to use every tool at their disposal in order to crank up system performance. If you want your PC to run as fast as possible, then you need to invest in a good registry cleaner. During a scan, a registry cleaner efficiently sorts through each and every entry in your registry folder. It tosses away any files that your computer doesn’t need (like entries that belong to uninstalled programs) and repairs any files that are performing slowly. The end result of this is a faster, more effective computer.

2) Fix miscellaneous computer problems

There are few PC problems more annoying than a vague error message. You sit down to use your PC, open your favorite program, only to be greeted with an error message box containing numbers, letters, and no explanation whatsoever. Windows is infamous for these kinds of errors, and even if they don’t prevent you from doing what you need to on the computer, they can be incredibly irritating.

Many of these problems occur because of an error within the registry: the program is trying to tell you that it has a problem, but because of corruption in the registry, it can’t go into specific detail. This leads to frustration and annoyance on the part of the user. However, if you use a good registry cleaner, then many of these error messages may completely disappear from your system. Since a registry cleaner scan removes corrupt and broken entries from your registry, it has never been easier to remove these annoying error messages.

1) Better system security

The Windows Registry is huge, and it contains hundreds of thousands of critical system files. Viruses love targeting important areas of your computer like this, and performing a scan with a registry cleaner can clear out some of the world’s most dangerous viruses. Unfortunately, many antivirus scanners ignore your registry, or only check it when performing a ‘deep’ system scan, which means that your registry could be infected with malware without you even knowing it.

Put simply, registry cleaners are popular because they help your computer run faster, smoother, and safer than it ever has in the past. Download your free scan today to see what you’re missing.