You may be surprised to learn that some of the world’s best registry cleaners do more than just clean your registry. They also provide an all-encompassing solution to your computer’s performance and malware problems. Cleaning your registry is undoubtedly important, but it’s only one of several important maintenance tasks you should perform on your PC on a regular basis.

Here are just a few of the extra tools that a good registry might include:

Memory optimizer: While you can’t really optimize the RAM on your computer, it is possible to optimize your page file, which is the memory storage unit on your hard drive. If your page file is located far away from the center of your drive, or if it is fragmented into a number of separate parts, then your computer’s performance could be lagging behind its potential. A good registry cleaner might include a memory optimizer to help you squeeze out this extra performance.

Anti-virus capabilities: While most registry cleaners don’t serve as a replacement for an antivirus scanner, many of them are able to find and delete malware problems within your registry. Since some antivirus scanners don’t even look in the Windows Registry for viruses, finding a registry cleaner with antimalware capabilities can ensure the security of your system.

Clutter removal tools: Cleaning your registry can remove hundreds of megabytes of junk files from your hard drive. But why stop there? A good registry cleaner can find thousands of gigabytes of unnecessary files on your PC, and cleaning up these files on a regular basis can lead to a solid increase in performance.

Internet optimization: We all love fast internet speeds, and some of the world’s leading registry cleaners, like Registry Cleaner Pro 2012, also include an internet speed optimizer. It tweaks a number of hidden settings that, when combined, can noticeably increase the speed of your internet connection. What started as a simple registry cleaning scan suddenly turns into an all-around performance boost for your PC.

Where can I find a registry cleaner that does all this?

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