The fact that registry cleaners cannot be kept away from our system is a fact that cannot be avoided. It is true that it causes problems at times, but it is still one of the most useful applications of our system. How your registry cleaner will work depends on how you choose your registry cleaner. Learning about its features and understanding them before making a final purchase is the most important step while purchasing a registry cleaner.

You can purchase a registry cleaner online as well as from a department store. Even if you do not wish to make an online purchase, you can still gather all the information that is required for you to understand about how a registry cleaner works and which one is the most efficient available in the market. For example, Microsoft Registry cleaner did not do much good among other brands. It used to cause problems in system files as well as others software also. If you are unaware of the features and market result of this product, a simple Microsoft brand name would impress you enough to make an impulsive purchase. Hence, it is necessary to read more and more information before making a final purchase.

A registry cleaner is not easy or smooth software in its working with system. If you purchase a less efficient media player, that might work for sometimes, but buying a wrong registry cleaner can create system errors and difficulties for you.
Registry cleaner from Pc tools is one of the highly preferred brands among others. PC Tools update their registry cleaner frequently with even better versions. The best part of this product that the updates and versions available in the market are always noticeably better than previous versions.

To add to these benefits, even if you have an older version of the product, you will find it very helpful in correcting and fixing your system files and false registries. It makes a restore point for you whenever it makes any changes in your system or any files. If your system is not working properly after a change, you can restore your comp to the previous point. It works with all versions of windows.
However, the latest version of the software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 + (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP SP2+ (32bit).