Before buying a registry cleaner, it’s important to check for some important things that will allow you to get the most out of your experience. If you choose a registry cleaner with the following features, the speed and functionality of your computer will significantly improve.


Even people with years of experience in fixing computers will appreciate a program that’s easy to use. Meanwhile, for novice users, it’s absolutely essential. Some registry cleaners will feature one-click fixes, where the user literally opens the program and presses a single button in order to clean their registry. If you’re a novice user, this can be a huge benefit.


Additionally, look for registry cleaners that have a wide variety of uses. Why pay for just a registry cleaner when you can get a registry cleaner, anti-virus, and defragmentation program in one convenient, cheap package? Registry cleaners like this will save you a lot of money, in addition to making your PC happy and healthy.

Frequent updates

The security needs of your computer change every day. Viruses are constantly finding ways around anti-malware software, or avoiding registry cleaners. To beat these malicious threats, it’s important to constantly update your registry cleaner. However, you can only do this if the company releases frequent updates to your software. Check when the latest patch was released, or what other users are saying about the company. Generally, paid software is updated far more frequently than free registry cleaners.

Junk-cleaning features

Some registry cleaners will go the extra mile in servicing your computer. In addition to cleaning out the useless files in your registry, they will clear up any unnecessary files you may have in, say, your internet browser folder. Over time, your browser collects a bunch of useless files, like cache files and cookies, which have no function other than to slow down your computer. If you find a registry cleaner that gets rid of this junk, it increases the value of that software significantly.

Free is sometimes best

Paid software is heavily advertised around the internet. For that reason, it can be difficult for some of the free registry cleaners to shine through. If you find a good, free registry cleaner with stellar reviews, then have no fear about downloading that product. Often, they do exactly the same job as a product for which you pay ten, twenty, or even fifty dollars.