You’ve probably heard about how registry cleaners can dramatically increase the speed of your PC. For less than $40, you can create plenty of extra space on your hard drive and protect your computer’s security while you’re at it.

However, you may be wondering why you should even have to pay for a registry cleaner. After all, some free registry cleaners are available online. Today, we’re going to tell you why downloading free registry cleaners is a very bad idea that could have permanent consequences on the lifespan of your PC.

A serious security threat

As you probably know, nobody in this world simply gives something away without expecting something in return. This is particularly true on the internet. Every day, scammers and hackers try to trick innocent internet users into downloading viruses and other forms of malware. No matter how tech savvy you are, almost everybody falls for these scams at some point in their life.

Free registry cleaners are just another one of these scams: in exchange for free use of a program, the creator of that program may install a keylogger or dangerous virus on your PC. In no time at all, your personal information, credit card number, and anything else you have stored on your computer can be spread all over the internet. It doesn’t take long after that for your identity to get stolen or your bank to get wiped of all its funds.

The internet can be a scary place, and the benefits of using a free registry cleaner never outweigh the risks. If you want to avoid exposing yourself to a serious security threat, then you should never use a free registry cleaner.

Paid registry cleaners are bundled with extra value

One of the best parts about buying a registry cleaner is all the extra PC optimization goodies you get as part of the package. Free registry cleaners rarely come bundled with extra tools, programs, and features. Or, if they do, it’s just another effort to steal your information.

Meanwhile, in an effort to compete with each other, legitimate registry cleaner companies throw in antivirus programs, disk defragmenters, startup managers, and more. Ultimately, this helps you, the customer, save a lot of money. Instead of having to pay money for separate PC optimization programs, you get several optimization tools in one convenient package.

If you don’t want your information stolen, and want to avoid losing your entire PC to malware or spyware, then paying for a registry cleaner is simply your best option. Registry cleaners are not expensive, and the extra $30 that you pay today is more of an investment than a sunk cost.

Instead of paying for hundreds of dollars in PC repair fees down the road, or paying thousands of dollars for a brand new PC, you can spend a few extra dollars today and avoid any of that hassle.

Viruses target people who use free registry cleaners

Hackers know that many people are attracted to the lure of free registry cleaners. As a result, they make viruses that are specifically designed to avoid the scanners of these free registry cleaners. So, while you may think your registry cleaner is providing effective protection against incoming threats, in reality, viruses are actively avoiding any efforts to delete them.

As mentioned above, this creates a serious hole in your system’s security that hackers can use to steal your banking information, copy your identity, and commit other crimes.

The bottom line

Ultimately, for all of the reasons listed above, smart computer users avoid using free registry cleaners. With more and more people doing their banking, shopping, and social networking online, there is too much at stake to risk it over a mere $20 or $30.