Whether you’re getting a registry cleaner for free, or paying a premium price, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best solution to your registry problems. With literally hundreds of different options out there, it can be difficult for the untrained eye to notice any real differences between products.

Nevertheless, there are some very important things that you need to notice. Before you even think about buying a registry cleaner, here are the five most important qualities to look out for.

5) Value: Do you think the product is worth the price that you’re paying for it? Compared to other products in its price range, does it lack any significant features? Is there a recurring monthly fee?

These are all questions you need to ask regarding the value of a registry cleaner. Thankfully, with so many options out there, registry cleaner developers are generally inclined to keep their prices low in order to compete with others.

If a registry cleaner is free, you still have to judge its value. In our world, and particularly on the internet, nothing is given away without some price being attached to it. Sometimes, this cost is as innocent as the mandatory installation of an advertiser’s browser search bar. Or, maybe it’s something more nefarious, like a virus.

4) Compatibility – Will the registry cleaner work on your system? Check Google to see if anybody else has encountered problems with its capabilities.

3) Ease of Use – Even tech savvy individuals may not know a lot about the Windows registry. It’s a complex directory filled with millions of entries. And, changing the wrong file can result in permanent damage to your computer. For that reason, it’s important to choose a registry cleaner that is extremely easy to use. Basically, you want to press no more than one or two buttons before your registry is completed fixed. Again, search Google to see if anybody has had significant technical problems while running the registry cleaner.

2) Features – The more features, the better. Sometimes, registry cleaners are bundled with other helpful PC tools, like disc checkers and anti-virus software. If you can get this at a lower price than each product’s individual price, then you may have found a fantastic deal. This quality is particularly important if you have just bought a new PC, and you’re looking for all sorts of new software to put on it.

1) Effectiveness – Of course, the most important question is about how well this product actually works. Does it actually fix problems in your registry, or does it just cover them up? Have users reported genuine, noticeable changes in performance after using the product? Make sure that your registry cleaner actually does what it is supposed to do. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying one in the first place?