If you’re an avid PC gamer, then you probably know all about how to increase your computer’s performance. You know how to upgrade your video card drivers, install an extra stick of RAM, and tweak graphics settings until they look perfectly smooth. But have you ever thought of using a registry cleaner to increase your PC’s gaming performance?

Today, we’re going to teach you why buying a registry cleaner is one of the best, most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your gaming PC.

It speeds up every program on your PC

As you may or may not know, the registry cleaner contains important configuration files that are linked to every single application on your PC, including your games and even the Windows operating system itself. When you optimize the registry for faster performance, it has a positive impact on the rest of your computer as well. If you’re looking to squeeze a few extra frames per second out of your PC while playing your newest, most resource-intensive game, then cleaning your registry is a good place to start.

They don’t suck up resources

Many gamers shy away from antivirus programs because they hog up such a large amount of system resources. Most registry cleaners don’t do this, and run silently in the background as they fix your PC. They don’t require a lot of processing power or memory in order to run, which means that your system resources can always be devoted to your most important applications: your PC games.

Of course, your registry cleaner doesn’t have to be running at all times anyway: performing a single scan once or twice per month should be more than enough to keep your PC’s performance in top shape.

One-click scans

The sooner you get back to your games, the better, right? Most registry cleaners take only a few seconds to set up, and performing a scan is a simple matter of knowing which button to press. If you clean your registry on a regular basis, a scan shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes – if that. Put simply, registry cleaner companies have made it their goal to cram as much usability into each and every program they make, and gamers can get back to doing what they love most in no time at all.


It’s easy to spend $400 on a new video card and increase your PC’s performance, but we can’t all afford to make such upgrades. Even the most expensive registry cleaners cost only a fraction of that price, and most can be found for around $30. While registry cleaners certainly don’t speed up your computer as much as a video card upgrade would, they do provide a noticeable boost to your PC’s performance – particularly when running applications. In that sense, registry cleaners are one of the best upgrades you can make to your gaming PC in terms of the price/performance ratio.


Whether you’re a gamer on a budget or simply looking to squeeze extra performance out of your PC, it’s easy to appreciate the benefits of regular registry cleaner usage. Download your free scan of Registry Cleaner Pro today to see what kind of performance benefits a good registry cleaner can bring to your PC gaming experience.