If you have ever wanted to squeeze extra performance out of your computer, then you may have discovered the enormous potential of registry cleaners. As one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to speed up your PC, registry cleaners can be found on the PCs of millions of people around the world.

But what if you didn’t want to pay a lot of money for your registry cleaner? What if you wanted to get it for free? While it’s important to be smart about your money (especially in this economy), downloading a free registry cleaner can actually cause more harm to your computer than good. Here are a few reasons why:

Nobody on the internet does something for free

The internet is a huge place, and as soon as somebody starts offering a product for free, users swarm in to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, this gives the owner of the product little incentive to continue selling the product. After all, that person is receiving no economic benefit from all of those free downloads.

For that reason, the people who release free registry cleaners online will always find a way to make money out of your free download. They could try to upsell you on other product offers, or add your email address into their daily advertisement mailing system.

However, these are the most innocent things that the creator of a free registry cleaner will do. In more dangerous cases, the people who make free registry cleaners do so for the sole purpose of stealing your information. Once installed on your computer, these ‘free’ registry cleaners actively scan your system, monitoring your documents and internet usage for any personal data. Then, when they’ve collected what they need, they sell that information to advertisers for a huge profit.

Put simply, a free registry cleaner always has some hidden cost, and as pessimistic as it may seem, it’s rare to find somebody on the internet who will do something out of the goodness of their heart.

Free registry cleaners are virtually useless

Some so-called ‘tech experts’ claim that registry cleaners do not actually improve the performance of your PC. In most cases, these people have only ever used free registry cleaners, which provide a very limited performance boost. Free registry cleaners are always worse than programs that you actually pay for, and if you really want to speed up your computer, then you should be prepared to shell out a little extra cash.

No extra features

Often, people don’t mind paying for registry cleaners because they come loaded with extra features. A program like Registry Cleaner Pro, for example, is so much more than just a registry cleaner: it’s an all-in-one computer optimization tool. These extra features are often included free of charge, which means that paying a little extra money today can generate a lot of reward for your computer.

Limited tech support

One of the benefits of paying for a registry cleaner is the tech support you receive. If you’re not a computer genius, this tech support can be a lifesaver. They can walk you through any computer problems you may be having and show you exactly what you need to do to speed up your PC. While registry cleaners are usually easy to use, the Windows Registry itself can be complicated, and tech support experts are always happy to help you out.

The bottom line

For all of these reasons, people don’t mind paying a little extra money for a good registry cleaner. Just remember: when you download a free registry cleaner, you’re exposing your computer to quite a bit of risk, and when the security of your system is compromised, there is no limit to the kinds of dangerous things that could happen.

Registry Cleaner Pro currently offers a free scan. After identifying various problem areas on your computer, Registry Cleaner Pro will show the user how much of a performance boost you can receive by cleaning your registry right now. If the user likes what they see, they can choose to order the full program for a very low price.