There are some people out there who question the effectiveness of registry cleaners. While registry cleaner may not have as many noticeable effects as, say, an anti-virus program, they are still an important part of any PC user’s software collection.

What does a registry cleaner do?

Basically, registry cleaners find and fix all errors in the registry. Sometimes, this is in the form of an entry that points to nowhere, while other times it’s a missing or corrupted value. In both cases, it can cause applications – and even the Windows operating system – to see errors, crash, or run into other mysterious problems.

A registry cleaner prevents this from happening by quickly seeking out and fixing these problems. During a typical run, a registry cleaner often fixes thousands of entries. Even when considering the large size of the total registry, this is a formidable number. Put simply, registry cleaners are an effective way to ensure that your PC is performing at its full capacity.

Here’s what a registry cleaner can’t do:

Some people seem to criticize registry cleaners because they don’t solve every single problem on their computer. A registry cleaner, for example, will never erase a virus from your computer. Viruses may target the registry in order to delete and corrupt data, but they are rarely stored there. So, a registry cleaner may fix the effects of a virus, but it won’t be able to attack the virus itself.

Registry cleaners will also not be able to eliminate all useless files from your PC. While they do clean up a significant number of them – in the form of outdated registry entries – they can only fix the ones which are stored in the registry. So, if you want to completely clear your computer of unnecessary files, then you will need more than just a registry cleaner.

Nor do registry cleaners completely uninstall programs. While it is true that, after a program is uninstalled, its registry entry may remain, this doesn’t mean that deleting the registry entry completely eliminates the program. Usually, that requires a user to search through his computer for any files matching that application name.

So, to sum up, do you really think that there would be thousands of sites dedicated to the distribution of an ineffective piece of software? It doesn’t make sense. Registry cleaners are an effective way to combat clutter on your PC, and they deserve recognition as such. Not only have they been certified by PC experts around the world, but they have also clearly solved the computer troubles of a number of people.