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Are you tired of putting up with a slow PC? Sick of error messages? With one download, you can take care of the top causes of computer slowdowns and errors, without worrying about computer repair shops or complicated software.
  • Boosts PC Speed
  • Cleans your Registry
  • Fixes PC Errors
  • Eliminates clutter
  • Stops malware
  • Optimizes memory
  • Protects your ID
  • And much more!
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Repairs Windows Registry

Missing, damaged, or corrupted files in your Windows Registry can cause problems, and eliminating these entries will significantly improve your PC’s performance.


Stops Malware

Malware steals your information and can cause permanent damage to your computer. Thanks to PC Cleaner Pro’s effective scanning technology, any malware on your computer will swiftly be removed.


Stops Crashing & Freezing

Nobody likes it when their computer freezes. By fixing certain problem spots on your computer, PC Cleaner Pro drastically reduces your chances of experiencing a crash.


Optimizes Your Internet

Let’s face it: we could all appreciate a faster internet connection. Before you call your Internet Service Provider, try running a free scan with PC Cleaner Pro to see how much you can improve your internet speeds.


Helps Protect Your Data

The more clutter and malware that you have on your PC, the higher chance you have of being the victim of identity theft and other phishing schemes.


Reduce Clutter

Not only does clutter take up a lot of unnecessary space on your computer, but it can also mask serious problems like viruses and malware. PC Cleaner Pro deletes it in seconds.

Clean and Effectively Boost your Computer’s Performance!

Whats is PC Cleaner Pro?

PC Cleaner Pro is the best registry cleaner as it’s designed for average home PC users – people who just want their PC to perform at its best. That’s why the program features a straightforward and easy interface. But what exactly does PC Cleaner Pro fix?

An Epidemic of Slow Computers

For the average computer user, computer problems and performance loss can be traced to errors in the Windows registry. Registry errors lead to “lags” in PC response time and increased processor load, which leads to longer load times and a variety of error messages. This means you are not getting the performance you should be. The sad part is, most PC users with registry errors never actually fix them – this means they never see the best their computer can actually be. What they need is a registry cleaner.

What is the Registry?

If you have a Windows computer, you have a registry – and you need a registry cleaner. The registry is the key to a computer’s well being – without it, your computer could not function. The Windows registry essentially acts as a central database of settings and preferences. These are settings that you set, but also settings that Windows creates automatically. Every time a program is installed or removed, and every time files are saved or edited, you add new data to the registry. Imagine the registry like a vast collection of blueprints, organizing the technical details of your PCs operation. To keep all this organized, you need the best registry cleaner.

Why Do I Need A Registry Cleaner?

If the registry is a complex set of blueprints, then registry errors take those blueprints and rip, shuffle, and scatter them.

Occasionally, when you save program, uninstall a program, get a malware infection, or perform one of many everyday tasks on your PC, registry errors are created. These errors are typically in the form of excess registry entries: unneeded data that clutters up the registry. Take updating a program, as an example. When these updates occur, sometimes they duplicate registry entries, and do not remove the unneeded old keys. A registry cleaner corrects this.

On its own, a single registry entry is not a huge problem. It’s like a single lost blueprint. However, registry entries do not come in singles. Because the registry is constantly being referenced and changed, registry errors are continually adding up. As time goes on, and the registry becomes completely cluttered with useless junk data, a registry cleaner is needed.

Without using a registry cleaner, your PC takes longer to find the actual data it needs. It may locate the wrong, old registry data by mistake. So you see slow performance, long load times, and often, error messages. To stop this, a good registry cleaner will undo these errors and restore performance. The best registry cleaner will completely optimize your PC, and make it faster than ever.

An Easy Fix For A Complicated Problem

The best PC Cleaner Provides home users with the ability to repair registry errors, without taking their PC to a repair technician. Why don’t people just clean their own registry, by hand? The average user just doesn’t have the experience to clean the registry manually.

Without proper training, would you trust the average car owner to repair their own car? Simply put, when untrained users make manual changes to the registry, they can do more harm than good. That is why a registry cleaner is necessary.

A registry cleaner automates the process of locating and cleaning registry clutter. Our recommended registry cleaner download is PC Cleaner Pro.

PC Cleaner Pro, the leader in the field and widely recognized as the best registry cleaner, scans through your Windows registry to locate any and all unneeded registry clutter. It then promptly cleans it away.

The best registry cleaner requires no special technical knowledge. Anyone can use the registry cleaner scan, no matter how much experience they have.

Best of all, the scan is completely safe. The registry cleaner function of PC Cleaner Pro is integrated with the Windows restore function. Since any action can be immediately undone, this makes every scan completely safe and risk-free.

As an advanced registry cleaner, PC Health Advisor doesn’t just fix surface level registry errors. Utilizing the latest in registry error detection technology, PC Cleaner Pro targets errors in:

  • Active X
  • Uninstall Entries
  • Fonts
  • Shared DLLs
  • Application Paths
  • Help Files
  • Startup
  • File Path References
  • Program Shortcuts
  • Shell Extensions

By targeting these deep layers, PC Cleaner Pro provides the best registry cleaner scan available for the home user.

An Optimized Computer

PC Cleaner Pro’s registry cleaner is designed to be as easy as possible. In fact, once you’ve opened the program, you can scan your registry with one click, and fix all the problems with another.

Plus, the main PC Cleaner Pro scan is more than a registry cleaner. A clean registry is a key part of a healthy computer, but PC Cleaner Pro takes care of other widespread sources of PC problems too. PC Cleaner Pro’s main scan includes:

  • Registry cleaner
  • Process scanner
  • Malware scanner
  • Startup manager
  • Privacy file scanner

With just one scan, you reveal old drivers, remove junk files, scan for malware, and scan for unwanted startup items. All told, the primary PC Cleaner Pro scan gives you:

  • Improved speed
  • Boosted startup speeds
  • Error-free hardware
  • Upgraded privacy
  • Removed malware infection
  • Optimized performance and load times
  • No more annoying error messages
  • The best registry cleaner

Support For PC Cleaner Pro

The utility and security software experts at PC Cleaner Pro developed PC Cleaner Pro, and continue to upgrade the best registry cleaner and optimization software. PC Cleaner Pro users receive periodic updates with new tools, features, and options. Registered PC Health Advisor users are also protected with a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Plus, PC Cleaner Pro offers their users completely free technical support. With chat, email, or telephone, PC Cleaner Pro’s experienced technical support representatives are there to assist with any questions.

Combining the best registry cleaner with exceptional technical support: now that’s a powerful combination.

Bonus Tools

As mentioned, PC Cleaner Pro is more than the home user’s best registry cleaner. It’s also an excellent driver updater, malware scanner, and privacy file remover.

But PC Cleaner Pro offers even more!

With the PC Cleaner Pro “Disk” and Optimize” menus, users can get access to the rest of PC Cleaner Pro’s must-have tools.

These tools will:

  • Open stuck files
  • Let you manually clear out junk files
  • Provide access to advanced Windows tweaks and settings
  • Clear out unwanted Internet browser toolbars and add-ons
  • Find and delete memory-wasting duplicate files

If you download PC Cleaner Pro, you will never need another registry cleaner, or any other optimization program, ever again. With its complete range of scans, fixes, and repairs, PC Cleaner Pro really is the ultimate all-in-one utility.

If you have a Windows PC, and you’ve ever wanted it to be faster, error-free, or easier to use, then PC Cleaner Pro’s registry cleaner, and many other tools, is our recommended download.

PC Cleaner Pro System Requirements

(Minimum requirements for the registry cleaner and other optimization tools) 20 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation. Internet connection. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.